Saturday morning we met at Sheetz. Most arrived between 8:30 and 9:00 am. Adam had duty the day before and didn’t leave Quantico until 0730, so he arrived late (there is always one). We headed out toward the George Washington National Forest before 10:00 am. Not everyone had CB radios, so we split those that did between the rigs without. Kevin called me on the phone as we drove away from Harrisonburg and told me he forgot to fill up with fuel (there are sometimes two). So we stopped at one of the last two gas stations before the trail. After five minutes of fueling he had only gotten a few gallons from the slow pumps. But that was enough and we pushed on.

Anniversary ride was held over the Columbus Day weekend at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area in PA everyone totally enjoyed the day. The park office provides restrooms and a small gift shop. The staff appeared very professional and knowledgeable. Park provides a map app as well as paper maps., superb. The adventure area is outstanding. Large number of trails from “Greens to Blacks”. There were a great number of ATVs and bikes, as well. All trails were marked along with return/exit routes back to the marshalling area. 

The meet up was scheduled for 10am with a hoped for roll out after a drivers meeting by 10:30. Fortunately everyone showed up at least 30 minutes early.


A loose vehicle check / discussion and story time ensued for a good 45 minutes. We had six vehicles and twelve people.


2017-03-18&19 Trail Report: Off-Camber Crawlers Colossal Canines Members Only Run


Friday evening:

Arrival at The Cove Campgrounds and finding the campsite and tables covered in a bit of snow.

Joe and Shannon, Jeff, and I set up tents while Ed and Chip shared a cabin. After eating and keeping warm during a light rain under the First-Up tarp with the big Heater Buddy (thanks Alan!), Chip started a fire. While sitting around the campfire that evening it lightly sleeted/snowed/rained off and on. That night was cold, windy, and rainy, but everyone got some sleep.



We got off to a late start Saturday morning. It took a while for everyone to arrive and prepare their vehicles. At 10 AM we all lined up and headed towards the trails. The plan was to head down Wahoo and Trickle first. Wahoo was mostly uneventful except for a slight tug given to Joe near the end of the trail. While headed down Middle Road towards Trickle we changed plans.


Mitch C - 2015 Wrangler

Mike Anderson – Wrangler TJ

Bryan Folts – 1987 Wrangler

DK & Natalie Stewart – 2013 Wrangler

Adam Folts – 1994 Cherokee

Carla Vergot & daughter – 2015 Wrangler

Scott & Blaze Gilbert – 2015 Wrangler

Andrew Harvin & friend – Wrangler TJ

John and Susan Harvin – Wrangler JK

Prospective Member:

Justin J. & Anna – 2016 Wrangler


We all met at Sheetz in Harrisonburg, fueled up, got food, free coffee, and had a driver’s meeting. After the Harvins finished re-tightening lug nuts, we hit the road about 9:30 AM. After passing through the Harrisonburg square and down Rt 33 through the George Washington Forest the group turned onto Dunkle Hollow trail.

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