Mitch C - 2015 Wrangler

Mike Anderson – Wrangler TJ

Bryan Folts – 1987 Wrangler

DK & Natalie Stewart – 2013 Wrangler

Adam Folts – 1994 Cherokee

Carla Vergot & daughter – 2015 Wrangler

Scott & Blaze Gilbert – 2015 Wrangler

Andrew Harvin & friend – Wrangler TJ

John and Susan Harvin – Wrangler JK

Prospective Member:

Justin J. & Anna – 2016 Wrangler


We all met at Sheetz in Harrisonburg, fueled up, got food, free coffee, and had a driver’s meeting. After the Harvins finished re-tightening lug nuts, we hit the road about 9:30 AM. After passing through the Harrisonburg square and down Rt 33 through the George Washington Forest the group turned onto Dunkle Hollow trail.


We stopped at the Switzer lake parking lot to air down. Back on the trail just as we were crossing the Dunkle Hollow stream, a call came over the CB to stop for a possible mechanical issue. It turns out John was just stopping to pick up an abandoned rubber mallet. As we continued on there was some talk on the CB about the Harvins needing those mallets for their hard heads.


Travelling the rest of the way up Dunkle Hollow trail was fairly uneventful despite the slight snow cover on some of the trails along the North slopes and more shaded areas. We turned right at Flagpole trail, FR85a, and headed to Flagpole Knob for a scenic stop. Pictures were taken, the dog and kids got to run around a bit as we all mingled and talked before heading back down the trail toward Meadow Knob. The trail was fun with some of the rocky descents and icy water holes along the ridge.


Shortly before we got to Meadow Knob we came across an abandoned Honda Civic blocking the trail. No one was around and the engine was ice cold. Although the key was in the ignition it would not turn to the start position nor would the shifter come out of park. After releasing the park override and pushing it to the side of the trail, we found the registration and insurance cards with name and address in the glove box. DK called the local Sheriff’s office to report the abandoned vehicle, left a note on the car, and we headed on.


Meadow Knob rest stop was lunch, lining up for the usual panorama shots, photos, and more talking for a half hour or so. We then headed down Union Springs Trail. Along the way were several splashing puddles and some with ice. At the Stair Steps some took the bypass, and most others made it up with just a little tire slippage, but a little spotting was needed. It turns out this group was not a mudding group as no one was splashing when we got to the Mud Flats, so we headed down the mountain on Union Springs Trail.


Shortly before getting back on pavement we saw an abandoned cow carcass on the side of the trail. We thought about grabbing it and putting it in the Ex-Presidents garage, but no one wanted to haul it.


Anyway, we hit pavement about 2:30 PM and got back to the Sheetz at 3 PM. All aired up, fueled up, more free coffee, said our good bye’s and headed home! This was probably the fastest New Years Day trail ride I’ve ever done! Capable rigs, experienced drivers, good weather, and great luck. I hope this is a sign of a great New Year for everyone!!


Happy New Year,

Bryan Folts

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