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Thursday, 22 October 2009 09:55

Founded in Jan 1997, The Off-Camber Crawlers, Inc. (OCC) is a group of professional individuals, mostly from Washington, DC and its surrounding areas, who are interested in off-road driving and enjoying the great outdoors with friends.

We meet once a month at 6:30pm typically on the second Sunday of the month. Check our calendar for the next meeting or trail ride. We meet at Kilroy's in Springfield.

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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:00

Our regular Monthly meetings are normally held at Kilroy's in Springfield, VA (5250 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151). The meetings are usually on the enclosed deck in the rear of the restaurant. Most folks drive around and park behind the shopping center and enter the deck from the back of the building.   The meetings are typically held on the second Sunday of the month at 6:30pm, but we do move them around for holidays or venue conflicts, so be sure to check the calendar. It's a great way to get to know us, so feel free to drop in or contact us if you have any questions.



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Colossal Canines Nov 12 - group1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dan P   
Thursday, 01 December 2016 17:15
The "little" group hit the trails shortly after the awesome breakfast provided by OCC and cooked by Ed and Chip was finished.  Let's say we left camp .  The group was pretty much defined as anyone with less than 38" tires and body metal in all four directions. 
We started off with 6 rigs:
- Dan P, JKU on 35s
- Chip W, TJ on 35s
- Bob L, XJ on 35s(?)
- Jeff J, TJ on 37s(?)
- Ed S, TJ on 37s
- Jeff E, BetaTJ on 37s
And John B riding shotgun/spotter
We first ran through part of horseshoe, looking for a turn-off to another trail that we didn't really have on a map. Looking for a new way up and around to run 6A down.  After meandering through a few turns, we ended somewhere uphill from Secret Trail at the foot of a granite run that continued to climb and get more and more loose and off-camber as it stretched up over the ridgeline.
Just when it started to get a touch exciting, Dan, Chip and Bob decided we needed to find a milder path, while Ed, Jeff and Jeff decided they wanted to play in the rocks.  At this point we decided on an amicable split into two groups of three. From this point, no idea what fun the other three (Ed, Jeff and Jeff) had.  
Dan, Chip, and Bob turned around, where a minor slip across some loose rocks left me resting the weight of my rig on a the driver's door surround against a downhill tree.  A nice little 'pop' as the surround gave way, little damage, but a hint to the luck I would continue to have all day.  We worked back downhill until we found secret trail and rode that back to the clearing by the orange tank.  After a brief stop there, we ran the loop around hell's hole, which is labeled red, but was green that day.  So we decided to go back down towards 6A.  Missing the beginning of 6A, we decided to take V-Trail, then come back at 6A.  But, a 1/4 of the way up V-Trail, I found myself in a good stuck on a short but steep and rocky climb that left me with two opposing tires in big sloppy holes with no traction, and the other two tires faced against opposing steep flat near vertical rocks.  Oh, and my rig resting on my rear diff in the middle of a large rock, needing to drag diff on rock for a good six inches either way before I could get free.  A great place to be when you are open-open.  Right about the time Chip came up to offer a spot, we heard a great loud 'pop' as the u-joint ears on my passenger side front axle shaft exploded off, taking the ears off the stubby with it.  While everyone was moving smooth and easy all day, I found myself gummed up like a rookie, or like I've never driver before.  Well, with Chip's help we used all the tools at hand, strap, Hi-Lift, winch, rock-stacking, etc.  once out of that mess I limped out in essentially 1-wheel drive.  When out of trouble, we realized the stubby ears were completely gone, so there was no chance for trail repairs, so we headed back to camp.  About and we were done, well except for all the wrenching to get the broken shaft out and put her back together on the broken stubby for the ride home.
So, there's a trip report, from what I saw.  
Anyway, a fun day, great camping, great people, some good recovery training, a bit of bad guiding by me, and a lot of poor driving on my part.  I definitely need to get out more often to get my mojo back.  
Thanks to all for a great weekend of camping interrupted by brief interludes of wheeling and a fair bit of breakage.
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Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:22

The OCC Email Forum/List is truly the central vein of OCC. A substantial portion of the OCC community is our mailing list. This is where we meet and greet everyone. Questions are posted, answers are given. Trips are setup, meetings times coordinated. Technical questions are posted by newcomers and the old-timers provide years of experience.

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to post any questions or responses on our list. This is an email list for the Off-Camber Crawlers off road club, you will be a guest for 6 months. Please use that time to decide if this club is right for you. At the end of the 6 months we hope you will have joined or declared your intention to join. If your 6 months pass and you have not made an attempt to join you will be removed from the list.

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Colossal Canines Nov 12 - group2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ed S   
Thursday, 01 December 2016 17:18
As Dan mentioned in the privous report  When Chip Dan and Bob saw the large loose rocks going up hill they decided perhaps it would be a good idea to split into two groups.  They split off and the following people continued up hill.
Jeff J and passenger/ Spotter John B - TJ on 37s and 5 inch Rock Krawler long arm lift
Ed S  TJ on 37s and   4 inch  Rock Krawler long arm lift 
Jeff E TJ on 37s and 5 inch Rubicon express long arm lift 
We made our way about a 1/4 Mile up the side of the mountain with John spotting anyone who needed assistance.  ( Thanks John)  At that point we realized  there was a very good chance that what we were on was actually marked on the map as the " rock flow"  and not really a trail.  We made the decision to turn around. Make our way back down the rock flow the way we came. 
 From The Rockflow and horseshoe  we found our way to the access road that runs parallel to ET and went down that and back up ET.  The lower part of ET was run with our any issues when we got close to pancake rock the line that Jeff J took looked like it put him in a hole that swallowed the front half of his jeep.  Jeff E and I took the line avoiding that area.  We passed the U-Turn Easy exit and continued  stright exiting on Upper Road.  The two Jeffs made it up with out much help but about mid way up the exit a large rock got disloged and rolled into the passenger side of my jeep.  This is the first time ive ever had a boulder try to come inside the cab with me and I must say I was terrified. I was able to back up so the boulder was no longer resting on my jeep and with Johns spotting assistance got past that section of the trail and Up to Upper road.
We took U-Turn Easy Down to Middle road and made our way to Corum.  Being in a small group and knowing the decades of combined wheeling expirince made me try some lines that are harder then I normally would. after the midway point just past the big downed tree you have to pass on the far left or right  I attempted to stay tight to the left side and got bound up pretty good  with Johns help spotting and rock stacking once again I was on my way and we made it up corum with out any issues. 
From the top Corum we took Cobra back down to middle road and by that time it was starting to get close to when Jeff J and John B had to leave so we starting to make our way back to camp and ran Wahoo along the way.
It was a great day and extreamly intresting to see how 3 different drivers in 3 very similar vehicles approched each obstical.  It had been about 4 years since I had attempted ET last  and closer to 5 since I had ran a day of trails that were that techical.  Thanks to Jeff, Jeff and John for a great day and I really hope to see you guys on the trail more often!
Ed S
Rausch Creek Trail Report Oct 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim J   
Sunday, 13 November 2016 14:28
Since we did not have a trail report for the RC run in October, I thought I'd throw together a short write-up. 
This was a great trip. I think most of us drove up on Saturday morning. It turns out there was a Women's Wheeling day at RC on the same day and there were a lot of people staging for that event, so we had a hard time finding everyone.  It was very windy and bitter cold, and I remember that Mike Anderson was way underdressed, but he didn't flinch. 
It had been raining the day before, but the skies were clear and blue. The wind mostly dried off the rocks and the moist ground still made a few obstacles more challenging, but it wasn't at all sloppy.
When there are special events at RC, they open up the northeast property for free rather than the typical $10 additional charge for that area. [Side Note - I found out that the north east property has a different owner which is why normally costs extra.]  Fortunate for us, Mitch had called his buddy, Jim from PA, who apparently wheels RC practically every weekend and asked if he would be our trail guide. Jim did a great job and started us out on the northeast property which had less vehicles, mainly because less people know their way around over there.
Throughout the day we mainly wheeled blues and maybe a short blue-black. Just before lunch, few vehicles peeled off to hit a black trail.  A couple of people got hung up and high centered in a couple of places, but it was all pretty easy to break them loose with rock stacking or a quick tug. David Nigh in his buggy took at least one obstacle that others would not do, but his rig made these obstacles look easy. 
After lunch we made our way across the highway towards the back part of the south property. We got split up at one point, I think because there was confusion about where we were going. I know we passed the Fire Pit, Tomb Stone and the Lunch Spot. I think we were on a trail near Lunch Spot, about 2/3 of the way to the back where a couple of people got hung up and George Mattocks broke a driver's side u-joint. He was able to drive, but needed to get off the trail. About that time, CJ and I had boys that were really interested in getting to camp to play for a bit before sundown, so the two of us along with someone else that had to get home all escorted George off the trail.
The group continued wheeling down towards Snakebite, and I guess it was uneventful. CJ Johnson and I camped at Echo Valley Campground, about 10 minutes away because it's very quiet and probably more family geared than at RC. The campground was empty, and we ate a great dinner at Buddy's Log Cabin Family Restaurant in Pine grove. It was cold, but our campsite was protected from the wind some.
I'm not sure what happened to everyone the next morning, but CJ and I slowly packed up and headed home. I know that David Nigh couldn't find anyone from OCC on Sunday, so he wheeled with another group. We passed Mike Anderson towing his yellow Jeep on the highway.
All in all, it was a great trip. Although we came across a few groups coming at us, we never really got hung up waiting on another group. Thanks to Mitch for finding a great guide. 
This was my second trip with my upgrade to 2.5" lift and 315/70's and man, what a difference it makes!
Jim from PA and his son - TRAIL GUIDE
Goerge M - 82 CJ8
David N - TJ Buggy
Ed C - TJ
CJ J and his son - JKUR
Chris Sch. - JKUR
Jim J and his son - JKUR
Mike A
Carla V- JK
Mitch C- JKUR - tail gunner
Jim Jones
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