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Thursday, 22 October 2009 09:55

Founded in Jan 1997, The Off-Camber Crawlers, Inc. (OCC) is a group of professional individuals, mostly from Washington, DC and its surrounding areas, who are interested in off-road driving and enjoying the great outdoors with friends.

We meet once a month at 6:30pm typically on the second Sunday of the month. Check our calendar for the next meeting or trail ride. We meet at Kilroy's in Springfield.

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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:00

Next OCC Meeting and Annual Picnic Saturday June 11 , 2016, 12:00-4:00

Our annual picnic and meeting will be held in Manassas, VA. Join our Yahoo Email List for details on the location and to RSVP sign up on our group database. The event is free, but we're asking people to bring a side item or dessert. You might want to bring a chair and anything else  picnic appropriate. There is a nice pond and several kids caught fish last year, so bring your fishing rod.



The July meeting will be back at our regular time and location. July 10, 2016 at 6:30pm


Our regular Monthly meetings are held at Kilroy's in Springfield, VA (5250 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151). The meetings are on the enclosed deck in the rear of the restaurant. Most folks drive around and park behind the shopping center and enter the deck from the back of the building.   The meetings are typically held on the second Sunday of the month at 6:30pm, but we do move them around for holidays or venue conflicts, so be sure to check the calendar.


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Written by Virgil & George   
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 21:10

The Virginai 4 Wheel Drive Association (http://www.va4wda.org/) held a member-only event May 14-15 at The Cove in Gore, VA. Below are two reports, one from Virgil and the other from Goerge....


Attendees (Members and Prospects):

VIrgil Moore

Scott Gilbert

Dan Elwing

Preston Crumb

Alan Forney


  • George broke a yoke on his CJ
  • Scott let his wife wheel his new Orange JKUR
  • Several people camped at Camp III
  • Others with RV's camped at Camp II by the pond

Virgil Moore's report:


The kids and I arrived thursday so we could hang out a little longer. We setup camp thursday, roasted marshmellows, ran around.


Friday looked like a washout but cleared late morning and we did some fishing at the big lake.


Saturday started out sunny and nice and we had drivers meeting at 8. There were about six lines from beginner to buggy, about 45-50 rigs I'd guess. We were in the 4/5 trail group, with 8 or 9 rigs, mostly from Middle Peninsula Jeepers group, who run the event for va4wda. Phil Wolf was trail guide. We ran u turn hard, u turn easy, down winch then moose or something and down minespring to the beginning of trickle for lunch.


 Mostly everyone made it through with a spot here or there and one winch use to pull a newer jk away from a tree. I can't remember when I still cared about body damage on the xj :)


And as I was cresting one of the u turns someone noticed antifreeze gushing out. I had just changed my hoses this spring so I figured I messed up tightening hoses. Luckily the cap was not quite turned tight and I was back in business.


After lunch we made our way to the other end of the park via minespring, not trickle to my disappointment, and onto upper road and around horseshoe then eventually over to berkely springs and pinnacle. The rain that started after lunch had cleared and we enjoyed the view of the overlook.


 We made our way back to camp and had a nice dinner, except for the wind, at the pavillion by the lake provided by middle peninsula, along with door prizes. I met Scott Gilbert from OCC and Quality Performance who was there with his jk and maybe scrambler. George was also there with his awesome red scrambler on 38s i'd guess.


I bailed on sunday wheeling after discovering a flat on my tow rig. It's like rocket science finding all the jack and handles and spare on this thing so it was too much with breaking down camp to look forward to also.


All in all a nice weekend in spite of the spotty weather.


George's report:


[Virgial] aka Big Money and crew were cool to hang with.  Our story was a bit different though...


My friend got in at 1:30am from Dulles so scooped him up after 5 weeks of finding every moment of free time to work on the CJ.  I was exhausted and running on fumes by the time I picked him up but conversation got me to the Cove.  We slept in front of the office because we didn't want to wake anyone with my obnoxious exhaust which was straight pipe due to busted muffler and ordered mufflers not showing up in time.  Anyway- shuteye was at 4:40am for us and who knows how much we actually slept because it was sleeping bags on the ground (no tent) so inhaling bugs the whole time.


Morning came- we got back in the CJ and rolled to Big Money's spot on #3 and made friends with Phil Wolf and other MPJAI guys.  Nice people.  Shortly thereafter we tagged along for an exploratory run.  This was my first time wheeling in over a decade and the CJ's first time willing in at least that much so there were some spiderwebs to brush through but we managed fine.  I didn't know the trail names and my CB doesn't have an antenna yet so clueless what they were but Phil said we made it through a couple 5s and maybe a 6.  Anyway that was cool.


Friday night my friend Calixto and I ran into a group of guys from Richmond- one was a trackday rider like myself and another is a pilot like Calixto and all had rigs so we hit it off and drank beer and rum together.  Calixto must have been more tired than I was because he managed to eat dirt 3 times that I saw.  One of those was from the nerf bars on my SOA CJ on 38" tires (good eye Cash Money) and he didn't even try to break the fall (like chopping down a tree).  Anyway that was unpleasant to watch.


Saturday was wheeling fun.  We joined a string led by a guy named Eric with a silver TJ.  15 minutes into the trail one of the Richmond crew began leaking gas from his CJ's return hose.  We capped it and zipped it up and kept on rolling.  The trails I remember were down trickle and wahoo.  There were others including two short parallel uphill climbs where we took the steep one with a rock ledge near the top and that's where I broke the rear yoke on my dana 300.  Got winched out and made it to camp in FWD.  End of wheeling for me and end of torture session for Calixto who looked like he was holding back from blowing chunks the whole way.


At the raffle I won the TWCDS $100 gift certificate which bought me 2 yokes (not jokes, yokes!) and a big smile for the sponsor pic....


Anyway, after swapping my D44 front yoke with the D300 I was able to drive the CJ home in RWD because doing it in FWD would not have been fun.  No yoke bro!


So that's it for me.  Pardon the bad jokes and fould humor.



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Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:22

The OCC Email Forum/List is truly the central vein of OCC. A substantial portion of the OCC community is our mailing list. This is where we meet and greet everyone. Questions are posted, answers are given. Trips are setup, meetings times coordinated. Technical questions are posted by newcomers and the old-timers provide years of experience.

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to post any questions or responses on our list. This is an email list for the Off-Camber Crawlers off road club, you will be a guest for 6 months. Please use that time to decide if this club is right for you. At the end of the 6 months we hope you will have joined or declared your intention to join. If your 6 months pass and you have not made an attempt to join you will be removed from the list.

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Rausch Creek - May 22nd Trail Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ed Clark   
Monday, 23 May 2016 14:57

We departed around 6am for this day trip to Rausch with three jeeps;  Sean Waples in his stock JKU "black bear" edition, Chris Schneck in a stock JKUR with less than 100 miles on it and myself in a 98 TJ with Graydon Weideman navigating from the passenger seat.  The parking lot was busy from Saturday's event but check in was quick and we were on the trial by 9.  We started out on L3 to A and then C.  Things were going well until I made an attempt at Yellow Jacket and snapped a stub shaft.  The unit bearing separated and the caliper mounts broke when the wheel fell off.  We made a quick trip back to the parking lot for spare parts and with the help of a strangers extensive tool bag we were quickly back up and running.  During the trip back to the parking lot Sean turned his steering stabalizer into a pretzel and removed some of the plastic styling under the front bumper.


Once we were moving again we took E to S and slid down into Lake Christy for lunch.  There was a big crowd and we watched several guys tackle the edges of the water hole as well as attempt some of the steeper hills out of the area.  


After lunch we headed to the west property and took H down to the "Big Rocks" area.  After a few trips around the rutted clay we took trail 14 to 11 and then 15.  We found a nasty mud hole on trail 15 that Sean couldn't get out of, but certainly not for lack of trying.  After a quick tug from Chris we headed back to the parking lot to air up.  


All in all it was a great run and we were pretty impressed with the capability of the stock rigs.  Looking forward to next time!



Ed C

Colossal Canines - Late Winter 2016 - Saturday report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Charles Galpin   
Thursday, 19 May 2016 06:37

(Also see Colossal Canines - Late Winter 2016 - Sunday report)


Jamie Galpin - 1994 Defender 90 on 33’s, Joe her co-driver, and me in the back
MIke Anderson - TJ
Jeff Duesel - TJ
Morgan Franklin - YJ

First, this has to be the perfect size group for wheeling. Easy to keep track of the members, less need for random stops, and easy to get input from everyone when wanting to discuss options - even when their trail leader forgets their CB antennae :)

We headed out around 9:30 iirc. Since it was Jeff’s first time wheeling the cove and his truck is essentially stock, as well as Joe being a first time off road driver, and Jamie rather rusty from not driving much in the last year, we figured we’d start off with the staples - Trickle and wahoo. I got the usual tickle I get when telling new drivers that we have just been on the access road when approaching the trickle crossing on the way down. At that point they think they have been off-roading and are incredibly proud and happy of their accomplishments, and their eyes light up at the though of it getting harder :)

After wahoo, we went up u-turn hard, down u-turn easy and headed over to v-trail since everyone was doing so well. I’m forgetting where Jeff had some trouble with his passenger fender flare but I think it was on v-trail, and we discussed it a little over lunch at the top. I thought he took it very well :)

I offered up some options and the group decided to go over the top and take the trail down the back. I seem to take a slightly different route each time I do this, and this time we stayed left most of the time and ended up coming out near the end of a horseshoe shaped trail who’s name I’ve already forgotten. As we headed back towards cobra I noticed the entrance to said horseshoe loop trail and took it to give it a try - it was actually quite fun.

Then we headed over to cobra. Usually I’d have done Corum at this point, but Jeff would have had to sit it out and I really didn’t feel like taking the chance of needing to do some wrenching :) Cobra was great fun though. We came down moose iirc and at that point decided it was time to head back to camp - less about time, and more so that the youngsters in my truck seemed to be wore out!

So we covered a ton of ground and had a blast. We saw Dan and the kids had setup camp when e got back, and arrived back from an outing soon after we arrived back at camp. Jeff and Mike took off for the evening, and Morgan headed to Wallmart. We made dinner, then a slow burning fire (all the wood was wet), and enjoyed smores, some interesting conversation, and Chip’s company!

It was fairly cold for camping but still great fun. Looking forward to the next outing.


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