As Dan mentioned in the privous report  When Chip Dan and Bob saw the large loose rocks going up hill they decided perhaps it would be a good idea to split into two groups.  They split off and the following people continued up hill.
Jeff J and passenger/ Spotter John B - TJ on 37s and 5 inch Rock Krawler long arm lift
Ed S  TJ on 37s and   4 inch  Rock Krawler long arm lift 
Jeff E TJ on 37s and 5 inch Rubicon express long arm lift 
We made our way about a 1/4 Mile up the side of the mountain with John spotting anyone who needed assistance.  ( Thanks John)  At that point we realized  there was a very good chance that what we were on was actually marked on the map as the " rock flow"  and not really a trail.  We made the decision to turn around. Make our way back down the rock flow the way we came. 
 From The Rockflow and horseshoe  we found our way to the access road that runs parallel to ET and went down that and back up ET.  The lower part of ET was run with our any issues when we got close to pancake rock the line that Jeff J took looked like it put him in a hole that swallowed the front half of his jeep.  Jeff E and I took the line avoiding that area.  We passed the U-Turn Easy exit and continued  stright exiting on Upper Road.  The two Jeffs made it up with out much help but about mid way up the exit a large rock got disloged and rolled into the passenger side of my jeep.  This is the first time ive ever had a boulder try to come inside the cab with me and I must say I was terrified. I was able to back up so the boulder was no longer resting on my jeep and with Johns spotting assistance got past that section of the trail and Up to Upper road.
We took U-Turn Easy Down to Middle road and made our way to Corum.  Being in a small group and knowing the decades of combined wheeling expirince made me try some lines that are harder then I normally would. after the midway point just past the big downed tree you have to pass on the far left or right  I attempted to stay tight to the left side and got bound up pretty good  with Johns help spotting and rock stacking once again I was on my way and we made it up corum with out any issues. 
From the top Corum we took Cobra back down to middle road and by that time it was starting to get close to when Jeff J and John B had to leave so we starting to make our way back to camp and ran Wahoo along the way.
It was a great day and extreamly intresting to see how 3 different drivers in 3 very similar vehicles approched each obstical.  It had been about 4 years since I had attempted ET last  and closer to 5 since I had ran a day of trails that were that techical.  Thanks to Jeff, Jeff and John for a great day and I really hope to see you guys on the trail more often!
Ed S

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