TRIP REPORT: OCC Rausch Creek Jan 12, 2013

Fog and Icebergs!


The Annual OCC New Year's Run didn't happen this year. There didn't seem to be enough interest to make it a "real" run anyway. (don't ask me what constitutes a "real" run….I can't find the rules anywhere). Then global warming started to show up in the form of a 50deg+ weekend (keep your political comments to yourself, I happen to be a big fan of global warming and will vote for it when it's on the ballot). So I had the great idea to go to Rausch Creek last weekend (Jan 12-13). Apparently, great minds do think alike because Doug Masnick, Scott Corliss, Russ and Mike Wallace went too.

The Drive.

There we were, two enthusiastic off-roaders blindly making our way from Leesburg VA to Rausch Creek. Blind because of the dense fog, enthusiastic for reasons unique to each. Scott having served overseas for a while (thanks for your service Scott!) did not have much opportunity to take his red 2000 XJ off pavement. I was enthusiastic just because.

The other guys planned to meet at RC. Doug driving from Charlestown, WV arrived at 0855 claiming he was just in time for the 9am driver's meeting. Russ and his son Mike drove up Friday night and stayed in a hotel.

The Run.

At 9:20 Doug was ready for the meeting, sort of. When everyone gathered, we made introductions, checked-in, air'd-down, and got ready to hit the trails. Since this was Russ and Mike's first ever off-road experience, Scott's first trip in years, I had my new Jeep, and Doug was with us, we decided to start out on blue trails. We took B to 1a making a left into the "green" spur with myself leading and Doug as tail gunner. Then we went over a small hill back towards 1a. This short little portion allowed me to gage the collective skills of the group. I decided to lead the group around the little blue loop with 2 small hills on the east side of 1a. Having the longest wheelbase and stock suspension, I dragged my belly over the first hill and decided to bypass the next hill (I really wanted to avoid the embarrassment on getting high-centered so early in the day ;)). From there we continued on 1a giving Mike some pointers along the way until we got to the Pole Line. We crossed Pole Line on to 1b. Noticing our group's abilities I led them on to 2 (blue). We started on 2 just before the hill climb and Frog Hole. We stopped at Frog Hole to talk about the legendary pit, read the sign, and take pictures. Doug fondly recalled his first (and last) attempt to cross Frog Hole.

The Conditions.

This is a good place to describe the ground conditions. Although these are green and blue trails the few inches snow on the ground hid the true size of rocks, stumps and logs, the ice made traction sometimes elusive, and the warm temps made for deeper puddles (really mud holes, right Doug?). By the way, the ice was 2-3 inches thick and acted like rock on the dirt or like floating rocks in the water. So the usual drive-in-the-park green and blue trails, required more of the driver's attention.

Back to the trail.

The group enjoyed the 2 trail all the way back to the Pole Line where we avoided the mud pit and other really big puddles. There was some CB chatter at this point about attempting a mud hole but nobody lived up to the challenge, yet. We stayed on 2 crossing D working our way towards Crawler Ridge. Just before Crawler Ridge the trail gets a bit more challenging with a rocky uphill section. I didn't think the group was ready for this section so I made the executive decision to jump on D and have lunch at the base of Crawler Ridge.

Within minutes the food was flowing and Russ and Mike produced a plate of shrimp complete with cocktail sauce. Pretty good first impression, can't wait to see them make dinner at camp.

After a 30 min lunch break, Doug begged to go checkout the Power Line trail. We headed to the Power Line and started downhill. This was nothing challenging or scenic so I decided to take a little detour in one the play areas off the left of Power Line. There was a small hill climb followed by an off-camber section, then an off-camber decent back to Power Line. In the snow, ice and mud the off-camber decent was very interesting. I slide about 2 feet sideways before giving it a little gas to regain controlled movement. Doug chose not to play as Russ, now driving his son's Jeep, tool the same route I did. Coming down the off-camber section his Jeep began the same slide as mine. But for some reason he turned his wheel uphill away from the slide causing his Jeep to get more sideways and slide further. You can hear me on the video first saying "driver, driver, driver" on the CB then screaming "DRIVER" out my window. I thought for sure I we were witnessing a rollover.

Feeling a little uneasy, Scott requested a spot as he descended the same hill. But really there was nothing a spotter could do but fake it as the vehicle was going to slide no matter what.

Recall what I said about snow, ice and wet conditions?

From there Doug led us further down Power Line, not quite to the end of it, then we turned around and headed back to the top. Now on to the South Property.

We headed down E straight for the south side. My intentions were to stay on green trails, hit the beach at Lake Christy, take a gander at the Quarry and call it a day. But the group had other plans. We were enjoying the easy stuff until Doug mentioned a small hill climb that "Charles did before". In other words, "why don't you do it, Rich?" So I went around to the bottom of the hill and made 2 attempts but my long wheelbase prevent me from cresting the top. So I backed down and surveyed the blue section of Roxy's Way while the other climb the hill. I walked about 100 yards when I came to the backside or west side of Lake Christy. Along that 100 yard stretch there were 2 mud holes and one small hill. Using a stick I determined the depth and the line most likely to be successful. After sharing the plan with the group to go to the lake shore this way and receiving all nods, I started down the snow-covered, icy, muddy trail. Coming to the deep mud hole I entered slowly staying as far to the right, hugging the shore. When the rutted bottom pulled me to the left into deeper mud/water I had to give it more skinny pedal to make it thru. The water depth was over my fenders just below the hood-level and the climb out the back side was a little challenging with ice and wet tires but I made it. Parking beyond the hill leaving room for the group, I walked back to the hill to guide the next person. Scott, having 33 inch tires and 6 inches of lift really didn't have any problems. But it looked pretty cool. Russ was next in the stock 2-door JK Rubicon. After watching Scott and I, he knew exactly what to do and had no issue. Then it was Doug's turn. Doug started out great, kept his momentum up… but wait. Where is he going? WTF? For some reason instead of hugging the shore as the water got deeper Doug acted like an icebreaker and drove straight into the frozen mud hole only to come to a dead stop. Although he ended up in shallower water than we drove thru he was still in water above his door sills and worse not moving forward or backward. Something under the water stopped him, either a big rock or a tree stump (my guess is stump). Doug reported he could not shift out of PARK so we knew we had to extract him. This didn't seem like a big deal as there some good trees and he had a winch that "he just checked".

So as lead I:
1. checked the time….330 ok plenty of daylight if we don't run into more trouble
2. decided to use the "sure thing" winch instead of a pull from another vehicle (tow strap).
3. Make this a good training opportunity…..
4. Most important of all I WAS NOT GETTING WET!!

The Extraction.

After talking to Doug about options, equipment availability and other such details, he climb to the back of his vehicle to get the winch control while I walked on water to his winch. Okay truth be told I was able to barely step from the shore to his door sill and his rocker rail was in ½ inch of water, not visible but there so it looked like you were walking on water (well maybe not). I climbed on Doug's hood to his front bumper to operate the winch while he stayed in the driver seat. I started to let the cable out with the control and had a difficult time. The spool/drum sounded like it was turning normally but the cable was not moving much and was getting caught on the control box. Doug said I was letting the cable get lose but letting the cable out. We worked about 12 feet out and asked the guys on shore to pull it but it was not easy and it kept getting stuck. Doug swears he just wound the cable neatly and I swear it was a mess. After struggling with the cable for a little while, Scott came up with a plan to use a long ratchet strap to pull the cable. We tied the strap to a tree and successfully pulled the cable free. Great we were all set now, so we thought. We got Russ' Jeep into position to be an anchor so Doug could self-extract with his winch. But as I worked the winch from Doug's bumper, again the spool would turn but not the cable. That's when I noticed the end of the cable which is supposed to be attached to the spool/drum was hanging loose. Oh DAMN!

So we took the cable completely off and rearranged vehicles to I was now on the hill at the end of the mud hole facing Doug and ready to winch him out. After setting things up, it was only a matter of minutes and Doug was out and moving under his own power. Whatever prevented him from shifting his transmission earlier was now cleared.

This stuck took about 45 min to solve and we were pretty far from camp with the sun going down. Since it was still very foggy/cloudy it was dark a gloomy most of the day and it made night fall come that much quicker.


Having extracted Doug I wanted to make it to Lake Christy….we were just too close. Turns out that Scott and Russ went there and back as they were rearranging vehicles to put me in position to extract Doug. So I drove the 100 or so feet got out to look at the back side of the half frozen lake with icebergs then turn around to head out the way we came in back across the big mud hole.

We all made it look easy this time and we did the earlier hill climb to get back up to S trail. From there we drove around to the usual Lake Christy entrance where we went down the beach, parked half-way on the frozen lake, and posed for pics. With conditions the way they were it was a fun climb out.
By now the sunlight was gone and we were about to drive in the dark with 20-30 feet visibility due to fog. So off we go heading north up S to E as it got darker and the fog thicker. We reached B and I cautioned the group not to relax too much as the water was the deepest I have seen at RC and more challenging with the ice/icebergs. So we took it at a slow pace and made it back without problems.

At camp Doug and I prepared for a cold night of camping and we all decided to go eat at the Red Lion Inn. As usual dinner was great and there is no better way to end a day of wheeling than a meal at the Red Lion. After dinner we said our goodbyes and Doug and I headed back in very dense fog to RC.


Doug you're a great sport. Even after all the ribbing, he offered me a cigar and a beer around the campfire. Thanks!!!!

To the rest of OCC.

"If you weren't there, you missed it." – Yogi Berra (I think, but too lazy to look it up)

P.S. – Some of the friendly rules of engagement….
1. You don't get to give yourself a nickname (got that Doug?)
2. If you ask for a spot and don't take the line he/she suggest getting royally stuck, you are forever subject to ridicule and will likely become the object of future tales of despair.

Those who were there!
- Doug "Ice Breaker" Masnick in his green 93 Forerunner, with unreliable winch, boat docks on the rocker panels (or were those outriggers?) and opening in the roof for the periscope. Tailgunner the great!
- Scott "Doc" Corliss who owns a really nice red 2000 XJ.
- Russ "Dad" Wallace and his son Mike aka "Thanks Dad"; driving Mike's new to him shiny red 2-door JK Rubicon. Both did great on their first outing.
- Rich Martinez black 2011 Unlimited JK Rubicon with working winch.

Hope to see you guys on the trail again!!!




Big Boys Playground Trip Report, 16 December 2012


Bryan Folts, OCC member, 99 XJ

Alan Myers, OCC member, 07 JK, passengers Josh and Devon

Paul Neubert, OCC member, 93 Explorer, passenger Dan Neubert

Marty and Linda Cahill, OCC guest, 12 JKU

Joe and Connor Howe, OCC guest, 47 CJ2A

Frank Ovaitt, B4WD member, 99 TJ

Dave Darling, DDJC, 98 TJ

Patrick Lampert, VA Jeep Trail Dogs, 00 TJ, passenger Heather Richett

Nate Rose, VA Jeep Offroad, 00 TJ

James Truxell, VA Jeep Offroad, 06 TJ, passenger Jessi Lowry

Charles and Adam Brooks, VA Jeep Offroad, 08 JKU

There were 11 rigs and 5 clubs represented. Everyone had arrived shortly after 10 AM and we had a short drivers meeting and introductions. We headed up to the far end of the wooded area and went around the outer edge. The back trail needs to be trimmed back of overgrowth. At the far corner of the woods we turned down hill into the tight trails. It had been raining that night, so the trails were quite slippery. As the front of the group made their way through the twisty trails, Frank got his soft top wedged up against a tree. Alan used his winch and a snatch block to pull the TJ off the tree and Frank went on through. Meanwhile near the top of the trail Nate had slid up against another tree on his windshield frame. I looped around and winched him off the tree and he was able to continue on. The trails proved too tight for Charles’ JKU and he turned around and went back out the way we first came in. Marty was able to get his JKU through the first trail all the way to the bottom. Once all the rigs had come out we split into smaller groups of 3-4 rigs and went to different areas. I went to a rocky obstacle that Paul, Frank, And Joe had attempted. After not making it on the first try I found the right line, made it up, looped around and came back down the same rocks. Paul and Frank then did the same. Most of the group then hooked back up and we went to the longer, hard bottomed water/muddy feature and made several passes. Then I went to climb over one of the rock piles at the obstacle course area, and many others went over the whoop-de-doo’s and attempted the large tractor tires. Frank made it the furthest up on them and his front tires were hanging while he got high centered on the TJ’s belly pan. After some photo opps, he backed off. While many of us stopped for a lunch break, Nate had gotten stuck in one of the deep mud bogs. After James had attempted to snatch him out we ended up using two winches, mine and Dave's, to pull Nate’s TJ out of the mud. Everyone again split up and did different areas. Paul and I headed back in to find a couple rock obstacles I wanted to try. After making two more loops through the woods and over many rocky sections we came across Patrick, Joe, and Frank at the last big rock obstacle I was looking for. The five of us went back around the first trails we did and came back out to the field. By this time some of the participants were heading home. After making a couple passes through the hard bottomed water/muddy feature we stopping to talk to Kelly Straughen, the owner, and thanked him for having us there, the rest of us headed to air-up, trailer-up, and head home. There were several rigs with dents and/or scratches, as well as a couple tweaked tops, but no major damage or breakages. I will need to pull and straiten the skid plates on my XJ after this trip.


Happy Motoring,

Bryan Folts

Off-Camber Crawlers Member At Large


Saturday, November 17 Green group
Chip Woods, '04 TJ, member

Dwayne and Cathy Squires w/ their 2 youts, 2012 JKU Rubicon, members

Will and Carrie Glasgow w/their 3 youts, 2012 JKU, non-members guests of the Squires
John and Terri Crowe, YJ, members
Shawn and Jill, non-members, guests of John and Terri
Josh Sprinkle and Wes Lunsford, '08 JKU, members
Melissa Burn, newly lifted Isuzu Vehicross on 32's, member
Peter Converse, big yellow CJ, member
After the drivers meeting at camp two, the group lined up next to the small lake for another brief drivers meeting since Will and Carrie and Shawn and Jill had never been off-road before. We briefly went over the basics like keeping the rigs in front of and behind you in sight, honk if you need help and don't have a CB, and keep your seatbelt on and hands and feet inside the vehicle.
My plan was to head to the 101 area so the newer drivers could play around a bit and take some pictures, then head through Camp 8, down Snake, and then Loop 10, Dynamite, etc., then maybe have lunch and decide where to go from there.
After a circuitous route to get to the 101 area (I missed a turn), we all did what you do there, splash around in the mud and water and pose on the one big rock. All was well until Josh came out of the deep water hole with a cut sidewall, and as he was pulling up somewhere level and dry so he could change the tire, we noticed he was leaking a lot of oil. So he shut the engine off, changed the tire, and we put a strap on him and did the push me-pull you thing back to camp so he and Wes could figure out where the leak was. Turned out somehow a stick in the deep puddle made it's way to his oil filter and punctured it.
By now it was pushing noon, so I changed up the plan and headed towards Moose since I know that area a little better and I wanted to be sure to get off of the trails well before dark. After a stop for lunch at the entrance to Pennsyltukian and one of the Wahoo bailouts, we made the right hand turn and headed up Moose. Mostly uneventful, we paused once so Peter could take a listen to Melissa's front end, it was making a new noise she didn't like, and Dwayne, Will, and I (mostly Dwayne and Will) used Peter's pocket chainsaw to get a small log out of our way.
The fun always comes at the very end of Moose, it's a great trail for newer drivers, but the last 100 feet or so of hill can be kind of hairy. I made it up, followed by Dwayne and Cathy, then Will and Carrie followed. John gave it a few tries and wasn't making it, so we backed Will up, put a strap on John and Terri and Will pulled them up the last 20 feet or so. Shawn and Jill were next, and after a few tries Shawn opted for help as well. We used a winch and snatch block this time to allow for a straighter pull up the hill since using a strap on John and Terri got them a little tippy and kind of close to a tree. Melissa went next and made it on her first try, followed by Peter who walked right up without even spinning a tire.
We motored along upper road until the top of Corum, where we stopped a bit to chat with Charles and his group and to watch them for a bit, then kept going to find the least difficult way down. After a couple of "wait here, let me make sure before you follow", I found U-Turn Hard and we headed down. On a side note, the topic of signing up the trails came up more than once over the weekend. We all made it down without incident; Will and Carrie needed a little spotting and a little tug after getting high centered, but their rig made it through un-scathed, or at least as Carrie said once or twice, "as long as I can't see the scratches" We ran into Scott's group at the bottom, minus Scott, who were
patiently waiting for us so they could turn and head up the trail.
It was after 3:00 by this point, so we headed back towards camp so Melissa could think about packing up and so Peter could head into town to get a heater buddy. The rest of us stopped at the field by the big lake so some of the group could get some poser shot on the RTI ramp, and decide if we had time to stay out for a little while longer. I thought having the kids in the group it would be nice to head up to the overlook to get some pictures and to let them play on the rocks a bit. So after a nice little drive up and a some nice scenery, we made our way back to camp for the third and final time, where the Squires and Glasgows said their goodbyes and went on their merry way, and the rest of us settled in and did what you do at the end of a day of wheeling.

Sunday, November 18 everyone but Scott and Ryan group
Chip Woods '04 TJ, member
Jeff Huff '94 D90,
John and Terri Crowe YJ, members
Josh Sprinkle and Wes Lunsford '08 JKU, members
Jason Lavender and his son Ethan '94 D90, non-members
Preston Crum with Jeff Jurgrau riding passenger, big blue YJ, both members
Peter Converse big yellow CJ, member
Charles Galpin '94 D90, member
We got an earlier start this morning, with the intent of getting back to camp a little earlier so we could pack up and hit the road before it got dark. We started by going through Camp 6 into the woods by the mud pits and headed towards Loop 10. So after making our way up and down the hills and either through or around the mud pits we made it to Loop 10 where some of the group played a bit.
We then made our way towards Snake, with some help from Preston to make sure we were going the right way, and headed on up the trail. About half of the group took the left hand side of the trail, which is the easier way up, and the other half
took the right side, which goes up a ditch, and is the harder way. As people made it up the hill to a good flat spot and parked, some of us walked back down to watch while others hung out and chatted. As Charles was making his way up with a little guidance from Jeff, he blew a bead. No biggie; he used his newly installed winch to secure his rig to a tree, got the tire off of the ground with a Hi-Lift, and went to work. He had tight quarters to work in due to how narrow the ditch was, but with Jeff lending a second set of hands they made short work of it. We did have to play Power Tank shuffle down the long, steep hill, with John and Josh first meeting me halfway with mine, then when it ran out of air, Peter meeting John halfway with his.
After Charles got moving again, we continued up Snake, turned left at the top of the hill, and headed into Camp 8. In Camp 8, we made a left thinking there was an easier way down
to the Log Bridge and Trickle area, but the trail we turned on was I believe to be Squealer, and which according to the map Charles had was blue-black, and it would have been more than Josh would have been able to handle in a stock vehicle. So we turned around and reversed the order, with Charles taking up the lead and me being tailgunner.
We decided to go through the 101 area, with a reminder to Josh to stay out of the water (see trail report above), and make a left onto what we thought was called Mish-Mash and continued with the plan to head towards Log Bridge and Trickle. Things were moving along nicely, we were on a pretty flat narrow trail with a steep drop off on our right, until it started heading downhill again. I'm not sure of the name, I think it was a lower portion of Squealer, but Charles was mentioning over the radio that it was kinda ugly in spots, then it was getting worse, and then whoops, this is pretty bad. At this point I
started to try to get Josh to stop his descent, since he didn't have a CB and missed Charles's commentary on the trail, but he was two rigs in front of me and by the time I got out of my rig to catch up to him he was too far ahead. By the time I did catch up to him, he had found out on his own that it would have made for a long day if he continued any further, so he decided he'd rather turn around. We waited for Charles to finish spotting Jeff down , then he walked up the hill and we came up with a plan to turn Peter around as well, and get him up the hill in front of Josh so there would be a winch available should we need it. That didn't work out quite the way we planned, but Josh did get turned around and with Charles riding with him, he made it up just fine under his own power.
From here, Charles walked back down the hill to go with Preston, Jason, and Jeff to make their way back to camp from the bottom of the hill, and I went John and Terri, Josh and Wes, and Peter the way we came. We all arrived back within about fifteen minutes of each other, and we started breaking down camp and called it a day.

Chip Woods
2012 OCC President
Saturday's "Mostly rover" group

Charles Galpin - '94 D90 on 33's
Jason Lavender ' - 94 D90 on 33's, guest
Jeff Huff - 94 'D90 on 34s
Preston Crum - YJ on 36s?
Kevin Patterson - MJ on 35s?,  

It was an awesome day of wheeling as usual, but I hope I haven't left out too many details as my memory is shot.

Our group was nice and small and well suited for the tails we picked so we covered a lot of ground. We did trickle and wahoo as a warmup and then stopped at the bottom of corum for lunch. A large tree had fallen across the trail which made for a nice table, but we had to navigate around it to continue on. We made it up corum with a little spotting here and there, and I forget why but Jeff had to pull cable at some point when he got high centered. We saw Chip's group at the top and then Scott's group caught up from behind us and it got a bit congested for a while up top. I think Kevin rubbed his left rear on a tree as well, but otherwise no problems. I wanted to go up cobra for a change since we always seem to go down it after corum so we took winch only down, and then came back up cobra. We decided we had time to go do v trail, so took upper to u-turn hard and took that down, and passed Scott's group again coming up. We ran over to v-trail and went up. About half way up Kevin reported something was wrong with a shock and waited for us to come back out. I did the loop and as I was about to drop in to the final decent with the others half way up the loop , Preston radio'd that he wanted to take the blue loop back so I turned around and we took it. There is a relatively steep hill with a clay surface and lots of leaves and I took one attempt and slid back down and decided it wasn't worth trying again as it was beginning to get dark. Oh right before the hill I hit a sharp rock or stump and lost some air in my right front tire - which ended up being the reason I lost a bead on Sunday. I should have checked the air pressure and added some! So we worked our way back over onto v-trail and took it back down, picked up Kevin and high tailed to back to camp for steak and beer!

Rausch Creek Trail Ride Oct 14 2012
Reluctantly written by Rich Martinez

We had some people left over from the Sat run willing to go out again on Sunday and risk (on GREEN trails) not making it home. (You do see the sarcasm, right?)

In the group was:

John "I still need a knickname" and Terri Crowe, in their gold? YJ
Chip "I got a vag#$@" Woods, in his silver TJ
Virgil "Moore, in his red XJ, with his son "I love donuts" Bradley
Alan "where's my antenna" Staiman, in his decal ladden CJ-7 with dog
Rich "land yacht" Martinez, in his JK

Since it was Sunday we decided to do another easy run. The plan was to head directly to Lake Chrisy and do some skinny dipping. But on Trail B John stopped his YJ to check a funny noise and discovered a leaf spring had moved out of alignment and was rubbing the tire. We lifted the jeep with a high-lift and hammered the leaf back into place only to discover one side move and the other didn't indicating a broken leaf. Since removing the leaf would cause other problems. We placed both pieces of the broken leaf back into place and use zip ties to keep them from moving sideways. We all went back to camp with John and the leaf stayed in place. From there John and Terri headed home while the rest of the group made another attempt to reach Lake Christy.

Chip led the way asking for directions at almost every intersection. If he would just camp he would find out the map, trails, and every rock becomes imbedded in your brain. But since he can't take not having a porcelan throne handy, he will never know. (more on the throne idea later).

At lake Christy we showed Virgil the back way down into the lake and provided some guidance on what people do there. He learns quick. As he landed safely on the beach, the rest of the group went around to the "normal" entrance and met Virgil on the beach. We chit-hcatted a bit and I pointed out the path most people take around the lake, over the hill, into the other side of the lake, thru the gap, into deeper water along the shore landing back at the beach where you started. He almost got it right. I had to yell across the water and let him know he was not heading in the direction I explained and the he was heading into unchartered waters. Unchartered for me anyway. So Virgil backed up and headed to shore along the edge of the lake. The water was about 3 feet deep and he made it without any problems.

We then made the ascent out of the lake area only to discover that Chip "I don't do hard stuff on Sundays" Woods never descended into the lake. What's up with that?!?!

From there we went to the Quarry and ate lunch, looked around, walked the "Shoot the Moon" trail and discussed which lines we might take if we ever had the gonads to try it.

After lunch we decided to try a little more difficult trail and headed to Snake Bite. I started down the trail and after hearing bang after bang I decided my JK was still too new, so I backed out. But hey, at least I traveled te first 20 feet or so and it was rough. Heck Chip Woods made a u-turn at the trailhead! (by the way he's really not married either but that's another story). Alan and Virgil continued on Snake Bite while Chip and I followed along on S. Once Virgil and Alan met up with us we decided to head back towards camp.

On the way back we hit the B trail, 1, 1b and 1a. I think Chip was more worried about my JK than I was. Alan and Virgil took the black section off 1a and when they were done we headed back to camp as it was after 2pm and Chip was worried about some meeting or something.

Overall we had a nice day on the easier trails. The weather was great after a record cold a couple nights prior. For those of you who didn't make it, wel, you missed out on a pretty good day. So get your butts out there next time!!!

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