Since we did not have a trail report for the RC run in October, I thought I'd throw together a short write-up. 
This was a great trip. I think most of us drove up on Saturday morning. It turns out there was a Women's Wheeling day at RC on the same day and there were a lot of people staging for that event, so we had a hard time finding everyone.  It was very windy and bitter cold, and I remember that Mike Anderson was way underdressed, but he didn't flinch. 
It had been raining the day before, but the skies were clear and blue. The wind mostly dried off the rocks and the moist ground still made a few obstacles more challenging, but it wasn't at all sloppy.
When there are special events at RC, they open up the northeast property for free rather than the typical $10 additional charge for that area. [Side Note - I found out that the north east property has a different owner which is why normally costs extra.]  Fortunate for us, Mitch had called his buddy, Jim from PA, who apparently wheels RC practically every weekend and asked if he would be our trail guide. Jim did a great job and started us out on the northeast property which had less vehicles, mainly because less people know their way around over there.
Throughout the day we mainly wheeled blues and maybe a short blue-black. Just before lunch, few vehicles peeled off to hit a black trail.  A couple of people got hung up and high centered in a couple of places, but it was all pretty easy to break them loose with rock stacking or a quick tug. David Nigh in his buggy took at least one obstacle that others would not do, but his rig made these obstacles look easy. 
After lunch we made our way across the highway towards the back part of the south property. We got split up at one point, I think because there was confusion about where we were going. I know we passed the Fire Pit, Tomb Stone and the Lunch Spot. I think we were on a trail near Lunch Spot, about 2/3 of the way to the back where a couple of people got hung up and George Mattocks broke a driver's side u-joint. He was able to drive, but needed to get off the trail. About that time, CJ and I had boys that were really interested in getting to camp to play for a bit before sundown, so the two of us along with someone else that had to get home all escorted George off the trail.
The group continued wheeling down towards Snakebite, and I guess it was uneventful. CJ Johnson and I camped at Echo Valley Campground, about 10 minutes away because it's very quiet and probably more family geared than at RC. The campground was empty, and we ate a great dinner at Buddy's Log Cabin Family Restaurant in Pine grove. It was cold, but our campsite was protected from the wind some.
I'm not sure what happened to everyone the next morning, but CJ and I slowly packed up and headed home. I know that David Nigh couldn't find anyone from OCC on Sunday, so he wheeled with another group. We passed Mike Anderson towing his yellow Jeep on the highway.
All in all, it was a great trip. Although we came across a few groups coming at us, we never really got hung up waiting on another group. Thanks to Mitch for finding a great guide. 
This was my second trip with my upgrade to 2.5" lift and 315/70's and man, what a difference it makes!
Jim from PA and his son - TRAIL GUIDE
Goerge M - 82 CJ8
David N - TJ Buggy
Ed C - TJ
CJ J and his son - JKUR
Chris Sch. - JKUR
Jim J and his son - JKUR
Mike A
Carla V- JK
Mitch C- JKUR - tail gunner
Jim Jones

Posted to OCC on Aug 1


Again with me leading, Carolyn Navigate and Ben riding in the back, we took the access “road” to horseshoe and went in the back way, we found the trail a bit challenging after all the rain Saturday and a lot of slipping and sideways sliding was had on the numerous trees that laid across the trail.  The off camber section at the top gave me a good scare when I had to climb over a tree that was diagonal across the trail and got me on three wheels  with the passenger side going down and me going up.  After we all made it down safely we headed back down the access road and entered U-turn hard from the bottom.  Trail was pretty muddy in sections but we made it through, we stopped at the top and discussed which trail to do next and what people were looking at for time back to camp, all said around 1 pm was good.  We then headed down U-turn Easy, nothing to exciting, did catch the hitch on my jeep coming off one of the steeper rocky parts and got hung up for a second.  We finished off about 1230 and then we talked about heading back to the Rocks and RTI ramp on the main road for pictures and playing.  On the way back we access “road” and cut through camp, Some stayed to pack up. The rest of us played at the Rocks and RTI ramp till about 115 pm then we all headed back to camp to air up and pack our gear for home.

Thanks again for another fun day everyone, enjoyed leading and learning a few things from everyone and hope to see you again when you go wheeling another time with us from OCC.

Patrick W - Red JKUR - Leader – Member

Howard F - White TJ - Prospect ?

Morgan F - White YJ - Member

Richard Q - Black TJ RUbi - Member

Mark T -  Silver JKUR - Member

Dave V - Silver Rubicon - Prospect

Virgil M - Red XJ - Member

Dan P - Burgundy JKU - Tail - Member

Those in attendance were:

Me [Chip Woods], member, TJ on 33's 

Ed Salas, member, TJ on 37's

Morgan Franklin, member, YJ on 35's

Graydon Weiderman (sorry if the spelling is wrong), member, CJ on 37's, with Ed Clark, member, riding shotgun

Rob Landrum, ex-member soon to be member again, XJ on 35's I think

So like a normal wheeling trip begins, we stood around and chatted while we aired down, etc., but unlike a normal wheeling trip we were actually all ready to hit the trails before 9:00.  The plan was to run high blues and some blacks, or purples as they're called at Rausch.  During the airing down/chit chat process a quick game of "not it" determined that Morgan lost and had to guide the group for the day.

So after a consult of the map and finding the maplets app on his phone we were on our way.  We left the parking lot, cut through the comp course and hit trail "A" (green) to make our way towards Yellow Jacket (purple).  We ended up at a cul-de-sac at the end of "A" at the park boundary, which led Morgan to question while we were turning around whether we wanted him to guide all day.  I volunteered to take the lead at that point, and got us onto trail "C" (green), turned us right onto a blue shortcut towards Pole Line, and then onto what I believe was trail "10" (black).

We all made our way through taking a variety of lines and ended up again on trail "C" near CV Trail.  We then motored on to Yellow Jacket, with Ed and Morgan being the only ones to take the hard line up.  The rest of us made our way around the ridge and we then got onto trail "4" (blue).  Trail "4" took us to trail "8" (black), where we took some time to play around.  Trail "8" is less of a trail and more of decent sized rock garden that you can pick a line any line and just make your way around for a while. 

From "8" we exited back onto "C", turned left onto "B" (green), and another left onto "E" (green), and entered the south property.  We ran "E" to a right turn onto "S" (green), and followed that to trail "22" (purple).  We made it through "22" without incident and exited it and turned immediately on trail "21" (green, with some more difficult options). 

It was in one of the more difficult options that Graydon's carbureted CJ started sucking air and shutting down on him.  He fortunately had a can of starting fluid, so while Ed squirted Graydon cranked and after minimal effort got the rig leveled out enough to run on it's own fuel.  For some reason however not much farther down the trail the rig continued to have fuel problems so Graydon decided to call it a day.  After confirming he had contact information for at least of us in the group he and Ed headed back to the parking lot to trailer up and head home.  The rest of us opted to eat lunch, it was probably right around noon at this point, so we stopped at the top of Lake Christy and took a break for some people fuel.

After some grub and a few wrong turns on my part we got straightened out trail "S" and hit the southern entrance to Snakebite, which is purple for about half and black for the rest.  We ran Snakebite for it's entirety, and then Rob had to call it a day, he had committed to being home before it got too late.  We backtracked back the parking lot via green "S" to "E" to "B" where Rob aired up and Morgan, Ed, and I bought some raffle tickets, had a bite from the food vendor, and checked out the raffle prizes on display in the pavilion.

It was maybe 2:30 at this point, so after a bit of discussion we decided to go find where the buggies were playing and spectate for the reminder of the day.  Our first choice was to head to Stairstep or Jotter's Way, both red or really really black.  On the way there I missed a turn to stay on trail "L3" which is either green or blue, and ended up on something a little rocky and off-camber.  No big deal, nothing we hadn't done earlier, except it was later in the day....I tried the harder but less tippy line and got denied a time or two, and it being late I didn't want to flog it too much, so I bailed and took an easier but more tippy line and proceeded to wheel myself into a "little help?" situation.  Despite being told otherwise, I was convinced my drivers rear tire was hanging over a crevasse of Himalayan proportions, so I'd take a spot, I'm just not going backwards, no way no how.....Anyway, Ed got me out it just fine.  Ed then took the line I bailed on with no problems, followed by Morgan who tried it but ended up in the same spot I did, but without the huge crevasse for some reason ;)  A little rock stacking, a bit of spotting, and he was good to go.  After some "it's late they said, let's stay on the easy stuff they said" type of ribbing over the CB we passed all of the hard stuff in that portion of the property without seeing another soul. 

Next option was maybe Crawler Ridge, which is blue-black-red depending on the line, and is usually a good choice for spectating.  So we hustled that way via the fastest greenest route we could to see what we could see.  No buggies....but we watched a 4-runner try and get denied and had a good laugh watching some kids from New York/Jersey hump rocks and beat up their vehicles for about thirty minutes...."Hey Paulie, just give it all the gas you got!!!  Don't worry about your exhaust, it's already tied to your roof!!!"  After having enough of that yet another group from New York/Jersey showed up and we did get to watch a JK take the line the 4-runner got denied on and make it.  Ed has it on video I believe, it was an impressive display of commitment on the driver's part.  But dude kept poking his arm out and touching the rocks, nervous habit, dunno, but I was expecting something gruesome..I finally said something to one of his group who hollered up to keep his arm in the rig...

So the Crawler Ridge show ended around 4:15, and we made our way back to the parking lot and a cold beer and hot brisket via trail "2" (blue) and trail "D" and "B" (both green).  We proceed to stuff ourselves with barbecue, have a cold beer, and win absolutely nothing at the raffle.  Eugene Rose stood up and spoke thanking everyone for all of the well wishes and prayers, and reminding everybody what a close knit group wheelers are.  There were some not so dry eyes in the crowd and it really was nice to be able to do a tiny little bit to help out.

I think Morgan, Ed, and I left the park about 7:00 or so, hit the hotel, and sat out on a picnic table shooting the breeze until it got dark and the mosquitoes came out.  We then headed in to shoot more breeze in the lobby, and did so until at least after 11:00 when I went up and crashed.  Lies were told, world problems were solved, men were impressed and ladies were charmed...We did have a brief discussion/debate that I'm going to pose to the list in a separate email in the next day or three.  All told a great trip, if you weren't there you missed out.



Posted to OCC Aug 1:

With me leading and help from my daughter Carolyn we took a tour of camp 4 and gave them a look at the OCC 201 Jeep Parade. We then head back up the trail got a bit lost and ended up staring up at Canyon, having not planned it, nat having a way to really turn around and not having ever done Canyon we proceed up Canyon and with a few taking the bypass such that it is and Richard taking an odd off camber unmarked trail, we all meet up at the top, thanks Morgan for getting George up that crazy hill. Next we headed back down pinnacle to get to Berkley Springs.  We took Berkley Springs and back on track to or intended target of Trickle.  Along the way we ran the access "road" to Wahoo, then back to the access "road" zipped through Funnel and meet up with the 101 coming out of Trickle where the access "road" crosses Trickle, we sneaked by them and then headed in to the start of trickle running all the way to the end.  Afterwards we headed back down the access "road" to go around the lakes to the rocks and RTI Ramp to play on. We all arrived back in camp as the crazy storm dumped buckets of water on everyone soaking the entire camp for about 30 mins.All in all I think we were lucky with the storm clouds we saw and the thunder we heard that we didn’t get soaked on the trail, especially trying to get up Canyon, that would have turned it into a red trail and been very dangerous.  Thanks for the fun everyone that joined us on Saturday’s run.  If I missed anyone I am sorry, getting older and doing this from memory and I forgot to take a picture at the beginning to help me remember who we had along.


Patrick Wilson - Red JKUR - Leader - Member

Dave V - Silver Rubicon - Prospect

Morgan F - White YJ - Member

Richard Q - Black TJ RUbi - Member

Dan P - Burgundy JKU - Member

Wali R - Cream JK Tumbler - Prospect

Mark T - Silver JKUR - Member

Jim J - JKUR Stock - Member

Virgil M - Red XJ - Member

George M and Tom Walsh red 82 CJ8 - Prospects

Ed S – Blue LJ – tail - Member



Leader 2012 Red JKUR – Patrick, Carolyn and Benjamin Wilson - Member

2001 Green TJ - John Crocker, Jennifer and Benjamin - Prospect

Orange JK – Morgan’s Cousin - Unsure

1993 White Explorer – Paul Neubert - Member

2012 Gray Nissan - Yuriy Ostapchuk - Member

2013 Black JKUR - Ben and Sam DeVore - Member

Tail Gunner White YJ – Morgan and Aubree Franklin - Member

We left the Sheetz in Harrisonburg about 10;00 am, after a false start or two we made it to Union Springs Rd via Waggys Creek Rd and started up through George Washington Nation Forest.  We stopped and aired down at the usual spot going in that way.  About 11:15 we headed on out and climbed up the mountain.  We made it to the Mud flats around 12:00 and let everyone play around for about 15 mins, we also picked up another OCCer in a Blue JKU, they had come down from flagpole, we then continued on our way. We stopped at Meadow Knob for lunch about 12:45, let the Kiddies out to run around and everyone take pictures.  About 1:15 we headed for flag pole arriving at 1:45, everyone again was out for pictures and bathroom breaks. We took a vote and decided to go back down Dunkle Hollow Rd to the dam.  We left flag pole about 2:00 and heading back towards Harrisonburg.  We reached the exit on to 33 about 3:15and arrived back at the Sheetz about 3:40.  Everyone gassed and aired up and head their own ways back to their homes.

Morgan Franklin has the Waivers for this run.

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