2012 Spring Colossal Canines Trail Report Saturday Blue Group 1


Trail Leader: Bryan Folts (OCC) – 99 XJ – passenger Matthew Folts (OCC)

Patrick Delaney (OCC) – 99 XJ – passenger Brian Sherman (OCC)

Charles Sutton, (NVJA) – 00 XJ – passenger Gary Dawson

Preston Crum (NVJA) – YJ

Kevin Patterson (NVJA) – 94 XJ

Chris Collison (NVJA) – 05 TJ Rubicon - passenger Cristal

Tail Gunner: Doug Masnick (OCC) – 94 4Runner – passenger Robin Masnick


We had a driver meeting to check for safety equipment and discuss trail etiquette. We set our CB’s to channel 4, and changed channels several times during the day due to too many other users. 9:52- We followed Blue Group #3 up to Middle Road and continued to the North end after they went down Wahoo!. We took a quick break at the bottom of Trickle before heading up the trail. About this time Preston stopped to replace the first of many fan fuses in his YJ. A little further up the trail, Charles pushed the bead off his right front tire. We replaced the valve stem, damaged by a rock, reseated and aired up his tire. Preston replaced another fuse. Every rig made it through Trickle with no tugs, stacking, or winching. 11:53- A quick lunch break was taken at the end of the trail. After lunch ad a short drive on Middle Road we dropped onto the bottom of Wahoo!. Preston replaced another fuse. Wahoo presented some challenges for the three rigs with open differentials. I turned around at point to possibly winch Patrick over a log. But with some good spotting and a little stacking he made it over. Preston replaced another fuse. Doug had taken bypass #1 and rejoined at bypass #2. At bypass #3 we noticed Charles had a cut sidewall, Patrick’s XJ fan wasn’t working and a misfire developed, and the trail was a little much for Doug’s 4Runner. Preston replaced another fuse. So we took the #3 bypass and headed back to Camp 2 to assess the rigs. Kevin’s tire cut was small and not leaking. Doug and Robin decided to call it a day, aired up, and headed home. Patrick’s fan fuse had blown; Preston’s YJ was rubbing off on the XJ. 2:03- About a half hour later we headed out for some easier trails and the quest some had for mud! So we went to the 101 area. At Camp 6 Preston replaced another fuse. Then it was up Timber Trail and after a couple loops through the 101 area Preston replaced another fuse. A quick photo was taken at an overlook and we headed to the trails around Loop 10. We dropped down Dynamite to Loop 10. A couple drivers have a fear of heights, so the long steep downhill was a challenge for them. 3:18- Several rigs did the quick/steep up and down near the bottom, and then we headed back to the trail intersections with the mud holes. Patrick quickly sunk his XJ into a deep sloppy hole! After hooking up a strap and before being pulled out he spun his tires to get his rig very muddy. Kevin, with his larger tires and lift on his XJ decided to give the hole a try. He made it further than Patrick, but had to be pulled out by Charles. We bypassed the large mud holes at Camp 8 and headed back towards Camp 2. 4:01- Everyone took a turn on the RTI ramp in the field before we went back to Camp 2 and prepared for dinner. 4:25


Happy Motoring,

Bryan Folts

Off Camber Crawlers Member at Large

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