The OCC Email Forum/List is truly the central vein of OCC. A substantial portion of the OCC community is our mailing list. This is where we meet and greet everyone. Questions are posted, answers are given. Trips are setup, meetings times coordinated. Technical questions are posted by newcomers and the old-timers provide years of experience.

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to post any questions or responses on our list. This is an email list for the Off-Camber Crawlers off road club, you will be a guest for 6 months. Please use that time to decide if this club is right for you. At the end of the 6 months we hope you will have joined or declared your intention to join. If your 6 months pass and you have not made an attempt to join you will be removed from the list.

Signing up is Easy, you must do TWO things to get on the list:


1.  You will need to join OCC's Yahoo! Group.   This will require that you have or make a Yahoo! ID so that you can use all the features of our Yahoo Group page (for instance our Trail Rides Signups).


2. VERY important, you must send us an introduction with the requested information about you so we can be sure your are and eligible cantidate (not a spammer, advertiser, out of towner not capable of making required events, "leach" just wanting to sell parts or just socialize, etc.).   The introduction email instructions are below and should also be sent to you directly by our Yahoo! Group server.   Send the introduction email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing the following:


Subject line: Introduction : [Your First and Last Name]

Let us all know who you are, what do you drive, where you live, where you have been if it's 4x4 club related, where you work, and anything else that is pertinent to an introduction.

Let us know your main interests in four wheeling:

Are you here for the leisurely trips thru the forest, moderate trails, more extreme rock crawling or somthing in between?Are you into vehicle building/modification, camaraderie, the road-less initiative fight, forest and trail cleanups, or all/none of the above?


Once the Member-At-Large reviews your introduction and approves it, you will be approved and added to the Yahoo Groups list and will start getting emails within 24 hrs.   Your introduction will be sent to the list as well so everyone can get to know you.   This Yahoo Groups site will allow you to select how you recieve and view your email. You will be able to change your subscription to various levels of email delivery or browse old emails.


Specific questions or problems can be directed to the Member-At-Large at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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