Colossal Canines - Blue Group #3 Saturday Trip Report

Alexander Mendez & Passenger (NVJA member, '07 JKU)
Chris Kann (NVJA, '03 TJ Rubicon)
Ed Salas (OCC, TJ)
Jim Stowers (NVJA member, '87 YJ)
John Young (NVJA, '92 XJ)
Joshua Sprinkle & Wes Lunsford (OCC, Scott's Red YJ)
Pete Soski & Melissa Burn (OCC, '94 YJ)
Wayne Lau & Randy Wood (OCC, '01 TJ)

I led one of the three Blue Groups for Saturday's run. After a brief driver's meeting we lined up and headed out. We headed over to Middle Road and I turned onto Wahoo, unfortunately it wasn't. After backing out and taking the next turn, we headed down Wahoo. We make quick work of Wahoo and went up Corbra next. We stopped at the top of Winch Hill to check the drop-off off the rock. The drop-off was still there, but it was dug out on both sides of the rock. I drove to the right of the rock and fit snuggly through. I had Alex go to the left side, but he slide sideways (due to the loose dirt/rocks) until hitting the rock which straighten him up. John took a nice line to the right by coming off the rock on the driver's side instead of going to the right of the rock.

We took lunch further down Winch Hill and then headed down Middle Road towards the beginning of Trickle. On the way, we did the Funnel which I usually like doing it the other way, but it was still fun. We picked up Trickle near the end where Middle road crosses Trickle. Trickle was pretty uneventful except for the bugs out there. At the end of Trickle, we ran into the Green Group lead by Alan which was about to start it.

We headed up Sissy and Nasty next. It's been a while since I've done these trails and I enjoyed them. Just as I was saying to myself how quickly we were going through the trails, we ran into some trouble. Nasty has a couple large rocks between two (2) trees on a hill climb. Alex got a little high centered. After a little rock stacking, hi-lifting, and winching he was free. Joshua had a little wheel spin and the rear driver's side tire caught the rock and he lost the rear driveshaft and driver's side center pin. After about 2.5 to 3 hours we were able to re-attach the driveshaft and replace the center pin. Thanks to everyone in getting Scott's jeep rolling again. We finished Nasty and headed back to camp.

We had great weather, great bunch of folks and great wheeling. Couldn't ask for a better day. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Btw. I hope I got all the names right. If not I apologize.


- Wayne

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