New Year's Day Run

Trip ReportNew Year's Day Run

Trip Report

January 1, 2014

The day started off great. Everyone showed up at the Sheetz on time and ready to roll. After a driver's meeting we lined up the 16 vehicles and headed west on Rt-33. Our plan for he day was to start on Skidmore Rd and drive up to Flagpole Knob. At Flagpole we would take a lunch break then head to Redish Knob. At Redish Knob we would assess wether to head back on Briery Branch or backtrack some and descend on Union Springs.


The drive through town and out Rt-33 was pleasant. The weather was nice and sunny. We turned left as planned at Skdmore and headed down the hill by the resevoir. If there was any chance of hitting snow or ice we though this would be it because this road is wel shaded. There were quite a few bear hunters with their dogs but no snow and very little ice. The trail bottomed-out past the resevoir and began climbing towards Flagpole. On the way up there was one little spot with some mud, ruts and a rock that required a little attention but everyone made it through. About this time, my passenger Brooke complained about a headache.

Brooke has a headcold with some sinus congestion. As we gained a little more altitude sinus pressure kept building and she was not able to equalize pressure. Even with medication her conditions got worse. I asked her if she wanted to continue or did she need to turn around. At this point she could "barley hear me". So I contacted Bryan and Alan to inform them I had to turn around and head back down. Then I pulled off the road and let everyone pass me. Dana G was in line behind me and led the group up to the intersection near Flagpole. This would give Bryan or Alan the opportunity to take the lead and continue on the rest of the day.

I turned around and headed back downhill keeping track of the altitude. She first complained of her headache at 3000ft. We turned around at 3800ft. Now going downhil I asked her to let me know if/when she felt better. I never told her the altitude along the way. Sure enough at 3000ft she said she suddenly felt better. At 2500ft her ears popped. By the time we got back to Rt-33 she was feeling much better but still not 100%.

I want to thank everyone who signed up and made it out today. I trust everyone enjoyed it and hope to see you guys and gals on the trail again soon.

Happy New Year's

Rich Martinez

P. S. - In attendance today was (straight from the database):

Brad Triebwasser, Jimella (Bride), James (son) and Danielle (Daughter), 1997 Land Cruiser 80 on 33s, member

Mark Johnson, 2 passengers, 2014 JK on 33s, non-member

Frank Ovaitt,No,99 TJ 35s,Not Yet,Also might tow. Got an idea on where to leave trailer but need more ideas. Did not attend

Chris Schneck , TBD passengers, JK / 35s, non-member

Dana Gramling, , Kaitlyn, Chelsea, 07 FJ Cruiser, member

Johnathan Short, wife and 3 kids, F-150, non-member

David Adams, 2-3 passengers, 09 JKU 32, non-member

Bryan Folts, son Adam (actually driving), 87 YJ 31's, member

Roscoe Primrose, The little TJ that could, member

Paul Neubert, 93 Explorer on 33s, member

Rich Martinez, Brooke and Jaye, 2011 JKUR / 35s, member

Alan Staiman,Teah the wheeling Puppy, 2000 Ford F350 PSD 31, member

Ben DeVore, 2013 JKUR / 32's, non-member

Ed Clark, One passenger, 1500 Chevy PU, non-member

Joe Youkers, +2 (Wife and Dog), 2014 JKUR / 32's, non-member

Jonathan Fotos, Christopher Fotos (son), 00 TJ on 30s, member

Graydon Weideman, 1 passenger, 2011 JKUR / 33, non-member

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