After the Sunday morning snow burned off the tents and campground for the three of us who tent camped (Morgan, Charles and crew and the Pecks), rigs started rolling in around 08:30 or so for the Sunday run.  By the time we started rolling (around 09:20?), after a drivers' meeting, we had 11 rigs in a single group: Dan Peck in a JKUX, Joe/Jamie Galpin in Charles' D90 (w/ Charles in the back), Jim Jones and son in his black JKUR, C.J. Johnson in a black JKUR, Adam Folts in red XJ, Mitch, spouse and a dog in a black YJ, Bryan Folts in his Orange YJ, Mike Anderson in his Yellow TJ, Morgan Franklin in his White YJ, John Nolan and friend in a white TJ, and Chip Woods in his silver TJ.  
Since I hadn't lead a group in some time, and we were all hemming and hawing, I jumped out and offered to lead.  We wheeled 0930-1500, and while we spotted a little, used a highlift a few times, and even pulled winch cable, there was no major trouble.  It was noted that at least three rigs 'customized' their passenger fender, and there was other minor bumps and scrapes, but all rigs started and finished on their own power.  
First, we ran Wahoo backwards, then Trickle backwards, initially leaving a trail of clutch-dust as several of us learned (or relearned) to let the rig do the work and try to trust 4-low and 1st gear using brakes and gas, rather than the clutch to control speed over obstacles.  It's been a looooong time since I lead a group, but with my newly installed CB (finished the instal at Camp II on Sat evening), and Bryan Folts' digital maps displayed on an iPad mini hanging on my dash, it was easy to find our way, and set the pace.  Still, with a group edging towards the size we should have broke in two, there were many a times that a hang-up in the middle had the lead 3-5 rigs running off in the woods, while the back half was left to spot and help (thanks Bryan and Chip for doing most the work).  I'll take the hit for that as trail boss, and promise to get better at that as I get back in the rhythm of leading trails.  All drivers in the line also need to help out by watching the guy behind them more than the one in front, and alerting the group when we leave a rig or a section behind in the dust.  
After Trickle we hit North access loop that runs from the end of Trickle around the end up to high road.  Apparently it's a ATV down only trail, and we were running it uphill, but the two Polaris off-road golf-carts we passed were pretty cool about it, and let our long caravan pass by.  At the top we had a good leisurely lunch break then hit it down little rocky run (the next furthest trail out on the Northest end out near north access road) for a pretty quick jaunt down the hill.  Running Moose back up we had a little more challenge, and at the top got to use every trick in the book to set up a winch and snatch block/ pulley to get a short wheelbase open/open rig through the loose stuff the rest of us kicked up near the top -- but it was good teamwork and nothing broke and no one got hurt.  
Finally we ran the length of the high road past Corum, P-tuckian, etc. (just glimpsing down those tougher trails, not running them today) to the access road that dumps down to the clearing on the way back to camp.  After a brief stop for a group photo in the clearing about 3pm, we split up from there with half or more of the rigs heading home and others going back to camp II to clean up, air up, and connect sway bars, etc.  
For an added bonus, Charles Jamie and Joe and the Pecks finished with a run to Pinnacle.  Wow, what a great view (and a fair lil but of wheeling to get there).  Gotta do that at sunset one weekend.  
Great to see newer faces out diving in and making their way through some challenging points -- look forward to seeing CJ, Mitch, John out again and hope they end up joining soon.  Thanks to all for spotting and helping, especially Chip, Bryan and Charles who were out and pitching a hand quite often.  The tire hooks attachment for Bryan's high-lift was a hit again, just makes too much sense and works great.  All-in-all, a Great weekend! Can't wait to see OCCers on the trail again soon.

Dan Peck
1978 Jeep CJ5
2007 Jeep Wrangler JKU

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