Trail Clean-Ups:

Off-Camber Crawlers takes its responsibility to live by the principles of Tread Lightly! seriously and as a part of that has for years organized and supported cleanups in and around the George Washington National Forest where a network of public trails offer many individuals and families their first off-highway experience as four wheelers. While we pay special attention to our adopted trail, Old Route 33, Off-Camber Crawlers has led cleanups to many of the area’s trails including Dry River, Flag Pole Knob, Union Springs, Dunkle Hollow, Kephart and Fireroad 72.


With help from other local clubs, we have collectedtons of trash and hundreds oftires. We support the annual VA4WDA Earth Day Trail Clean-Up, other multi-club events, and also work on our own to clean-up and repair trails and pick up trail-side trash every time we wheel. While it is unfortunate that such refuse finds its way onto our public lands in the first place, we take great satisfaction in helping keep these treasured resources not only clean, but cleaner than when we found them.


If you choose to become involved with Off-Camber Crawlers, please consider joining us on one of our trail cleanups. We think you'll find it to be a rewarding experience.



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Children's Hospital Toy Drives:

Each Year, Off-Camber Crawlers hosts a holiday party for its members and guests, renting a local hall, providing food, and giving away items donated by our many generous sponsors.But beyond simply getting together to enjoy some holiday cheer, we try to share some of that cheer through our annual holiday toy drive. Members and guests are asked to bring a gift or two (or three!) appropriate for children who may be bed-ridden or otherwise ill. These gifts are then donated to the children's wards of a local hospital. We hope this goes a long way toward ensuring that no child is left without a present to unwrap.Whether or not you plan on becoming involved with Off-Camber Crawlers, or even have the opportunity to attend our Holiday Party, please consider making a gift to one of these local hospitals and bring a smile not only to the face of a child, but to your own face as well.



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Health Care Worker Transport:

While four wheeling is primarily a recreational activity for our members, there are circumstances when both the unique skills we develop driving off-highway and the modifications we make to our vehicle can play a vital role in our community acheter viagra en ligne.One of the most common of these circumstances are the serious snow storms we occasionally encounter during the winter season. Major roads can be impassable for hours and it can literally be days before secondary and neighborhood streets are cleared. While for many parents and schoolchildren a "snow day" can be an unexpected and welcome day off, our neighbors and friends who work in the health care field know that illness and accidents never take a holiday.In such times, the members of Off-Camber Crawlers make themselves available to local hospitals to offer safe and reliable transportation to and from these essential jobs. In 2003 when the area was hit with two major storms back to back, our members were able to offer transportation to over 100 doctors, nurses, technicians, aides, and other health care professionals.Many of our members, equipped with recovery gear from our trail rides, also patrol their neighborhoods to help people who have become stuck or disabled. In the 2003 storms, our members aided nearly 250 motorists. While we were only occasionally needed some years, and not at all others, we have helped uncounted individuals get out of a little trouble or get to work when the roads were unpassable to your regular commuter car. You never know when another big one is going to hit or when the one person you reach out to help on any given day may go on to make a big difference in the life of others.Also, we offer a word of caution to people new to the world of four-wheel-drive vehicles. While your vehicle may be capable, you very well may lack the experience to safely traverse hazardous terrain or be unfamiliar with the limits of your vehicle. Please take it easy during snow storms and come learn with us so you will be ready when needed.

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