OCC Meeting June 2009

President: Dan Peck
Vice President: Carl Smith
Treasurer: Virgil Moore
Member at Large: Ryan Connor
VA4WDA Representative: Alan Staiman
Ex President: Scott LeLacheur

Meeting called to order 6:30pm


May 2009 Minutes approved

Treasurer Report – no frills budget, enough for picnic and Holiday party

Member at Large report – Ryan Connor
Trail Boss award: Scott LeLacheur is in the lead still
Raffle prizes coming in already for future events

VA4WD Report – Alan Staiman
Peavine Mountain trail closed in Roanoke, see OCC list for further details

Old Business : Carl
May 15 : King of the Hammers, Smiley and Ryan Connor ran with an OCC pit crew
May 16 and 17 : Spring MOR at Rausch Creek
o 5 members, good time but a bit rainy, some water issues on Sunday
May 23-25 : Wounded Warrior run at Crozet
June 5-7 : Big Dogs Spring Fling at Gore, a little rainy, but good camping and wheeling as usual. Ran various trails, some small issues, including suspension issues for one member and tire issues for another.
June 13 : RC Rocks at Rausch, early start to a good day, only a little rain, prizes went to best rollover, etc.

New Business – Carl
Upcoming Events:
July 18 and 19 : 101/201 event at Gore
August 29 and 30 : VA4WD annual event at Gore
September 18 and 19 : VA4WD 17th annual run at Oak Ridge
Swap Meet coming this fall

Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm
Next meeting July 12th, Pay your tab, tip your waitress

Monthly Meeting Minutes July 12, 2009
Meeting called to order 6:32pm
Secretary Report, June meeting minutes approved
Treasurers Report – finances are good, money in the bank
Member at Large report - Carl
Scott still in the lead for Trail Boss award with 5 rides
VA4WD report – Alan Staimen
United 4WD has ceased to have a monthly newsletter and permanent lawyer on staff. Dues have dropped to $15.
July 19 – Seminar on how to write a trail grant
VA4WD Annual ride at Gore, VA August 29th – 30th, see list for detail.
Old Business – Dan/Carl
June 13 and 14 – Crozet multi-club run
June 18-20 – Penn’s Wood Jeep Jamboree
July 9-11 – Snowshoe Jeep Jamboree
June Spring Fling – OCC mentioned in ShiftPoint Magazine
New Business
July 18-19 – 101/202, Gore, VA
July 25 – Summer Picnic, Moore Plantation J
August 15-16 – Camp Heep V, Rausch Creek
July 18-19 – PA Jeep Show
Other Business
Judges and politicians involved in Paragon’s closing have been jailed over several issues J Paragon could reopen if someone takes it on.
Review of membership requirements
must attend 1 ride, 1 club event and then 1 either ride or event
see online for more info
see board members for flyers and cards to leave on vehicles
Father and son run being planned for this fall.
Meeting adjourned 7:03pm
Next meeting August 9, 2009
Pay your tab, tip your waitress.

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