We all met up at the Sheetz in Harrisonburg in the morning.   

Set andrew's and held CB radio to Channel 4 and headed out.

I decided to go out 33 and up Dunkel Hollow.   

There were hunting camps everywhere and hunters all along the road.

The trail was recently graded and graveled for the first section of the road. After that it got back to normal (rough). We came up on a pair of stopped vehicles and got out to see what was wrong.  The Grand cherokee had knocked off a metal valve stem on a tree branch.   The did not seem to have a spare tire so they were using duct tape and ear plugs to stop the leak.  

!!!! OCC to the rescue!!  I had a set of the Colby Valve emergency replacement valve stems in my jeep!  I got one and told them how to install it.  They were very happy to have a solution and thanked me for the Colby. They then pulled their vehicles off the trail and proceeded to make repairs.  (Stupid Alan forgot to get an email address to find out how well the thing worked).


We got to the ridge line and stopped to work out our route. We headed to nearby Flagpole Knob and got some pictures and I got some drone pics and video (it was really windy so we did not stay long.

We met up with a large group  from Shenandoah Valley 4 Wheelers and all of us went  to Meadow knob for lunch.

I awarded the prize: The winner of the Couples Valentines day gifts were Bryan  & Crystal!   

After much chatting, eating  and Teah begging EVERYBODY for food we off with the Shenandoah group following us. 

The trail was fun.  nice rocks, and good mudholes.  We stopped for pictures at the Stone House.  Then we chatted as we drove our way down the mountain. 

At Hone Quarry Alan stopped so he could find a Geocache and Bryan could air up.

We then all hit pavement and made our ways home.


We had a really beautiful warm day for wheeling.  Met up with good friends, helped out other wheelers and came out with no damage.. 

Overall a great reboot to the Valentine's day OCC ride!



Alan Staiman & Teah 2014 JK Rubicon

Bryan Folts & Crystal Unknown Vintage Cj/YJ thing

Andrew E.  2015 Lifted JKUR

And a host of Shenandoah Valley Jeep Club members we met on the mountain. 


Alan Staiman

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