We departed around 6am for this day trip to Rausch with three jeeps;  Sean Waples in his stock JKU "black bear" edition, Chris Schneck in a stock JKUR with less than 100 miles on it and myself in a 98 TJ with Graydon Weideman navigating from the passenger seat.  The parking lot was busy from Saturday's event but check in was quick and we were on the trial by 9.  We started out on L3 to A and then C.  Things were going well until I made an attempt at Yellow Jacket and snapped a stub shaft.  The unit bearing separated and the caliper mounts broke when the wheel fell off.  We made a quick trip back to the parking lot for spare parts and with the help of a strangers extensive tool bag we were quickly back up and running.  During the trip back to the parking lot Sean turned his steering stabalizer into a pretzel and removed some of the plastic styling under the front bumper.


Once we were moving again we took E to S and slid down into Lake Christy for lunch.  There was a big crowd and we watched several guys tackle the edges of the water hole as well as attempt some of the steeper hills out of the area.  


After lunch we headed to the west property and took H down to the "Big Rocks" area.  After a few trips around the rutted clay we took trail 14 to 11 and then 15.  We found a nasty mud hole on trail 15 that Sean couldn't get out of, but certainly not for lack of trying.  After a quick tug from Chris we headed back to the parking lot to air up.  


All in all it was a great run and we were pretty impressed with the capability of the stock rigs.  Looking forward to next time!



Ed C

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