List of early presidents that I scrounged from the depths of the early yahoo group postings.  This was from someones memory so I'm still working on figuring it out since they are assigned across two years, must have been that the position started late in the year (September?) and carried to the following year.    I have good infromation as Rob C as 2001 President, then Mike Moran as 1997 President... . so filling in the blanks I'm getting one extra President.  For now I don' have John Donovan listed as a president in either 96 of 97 in the other year by year listings.
Rob Cavaleri 2000-2001
Bill Love 1999-2000
Bill Haegele 1998-1999
Mike Kupec 1997-1998
John Donovan 1996-1997
Mike Moran 1995-1996

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